Recent developments and results from the 140 GHz / 10 MW CW transmission system for ECRH on the stellarator W7-X


Kasparek W., Brand P., Braune H., Dammertz G., Erckmann V., Gantenbein G., Grünert M., Hollmann F., Kumric H., Jonitz L., Laqua H.P., Lechte C., Mangold O., Michel G., Noke F., Plaum B., Purps F., Schulz T., Schwörer K., Weissgerber M.:



Abstract: On the stellarator W7-X at IPP Greifswald, a powerful ECRH system is set up. Thirty minutes of continuous operation have been reached. Recent results and problems of CW operation are discussed. New components for transmission and diagnostics are being developed, the design of which as well as test results are presented.