Design of an ECRH system on JET

A.G.A. Verhoeven1, W.A. Bongers1, B.S.Q. Elzendoorn1, M. Graswinckel1,

P. Hellingman1, W. Kooijman1, O.G. Kruijt1, G.A.H. Maagdenberg1,

D.M.S. Ronden1, J. Stakenborg1, A.B. Sterk1, J. Tichler1, S. Alberti2,

M. Henderson2, J.A. Hoekzema3, J.W. Oosterbeek3, A. Fernandez4,

K. Likin4, A. Bruschi5, S. Cirant5, S. Novak5, B. Piosczyk6,

M. Thumm6, A. Kaye7, C. Fleming7, H. Zohm8, J. Paméla9

1FOM-Instituut voor Plasmafysica 'Rijnhuizen', Association EURATOM-FOM;; P.O. Box 1207, 3430 BE Nieuwegein, the Netherlands;

2Euratom/CRPP-Lausanne; 3Euratom/FZJ-Jülich;

4Euratom/CIEMAT, Madrid; 5Euratom/CNR-Milano; 6Euratom/FZK-Karlsruhe;

7Euratom-JET/UKAEA Culham; 8Euratom/IPP-Garching; 9EFDA-JET, Culham, UK



An ECRH (electron cyclotron resonance heating) system has been designed for JET. Due to financial constraints it has recently been decided not to implement this project. Nevertheless, the design work can be relevant for future ECRH projects, like ITER.

Emphasis will be on the launcher system and the power-supply modulation options for the 6 MW, 113 GHz ECRH system.





als Votrag:

27th Int. Conf. on Infrared and Millimeter Waves, Sept. 22-26, 2002, San Diego