Final results of the KARMEN experiment on the search for [`(n)]m ® [`(n)]e oscillations

•Markus Steidl für die KARMEN-Kollaboration
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut für Kernphysik

The final results from the KARMEN2 experiment in its search for [`(n)]m ® [`(n)]e oscillation are presented. The KARMEN2 experiment has been performed from 1997 until 2001 at the spallation neutron source ISIS of the Rutherford Laboratorium (UK). Beamstop Neutrinos ne, nm und [`(n)]m with energies up to 52 MeV from the p+-m+ decay chain are used for the search of neutrino oscillations. The very low ISIS beam contamination with [`(n)]e  leads to a high sensitivity in the appearance channel [`(n)]m ® [`(n)]e . Events induced by [`(n)]e  are detected in the 56 t liquid scintillator KARMEN detector via the p ( [`(n)]e , e+ ) n  reaction. As the KARMEN2 search yields clearly no hints for the presence of an oscillation signal, stringent limits on the oscillation parameters sin2(2q) and Dm2 are set. These final KARMEN2 results are then combined with the final results of the LSND experiment, which claims observed evidence in this oscillation channel. The combined analysis allows the investigation of the statistical compatibility of the two experiments and the construction of a combined confidence interval on the allowed oscillation parameters sin2(2q) and Dm2.