Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe - Wissenschaftliche Berichte - FZKA 7253

EVA_1: Evaluating nano-oriented competence centers


Matthias Kautt, Klaus Bittner, Susan M. Anson

EVA_1 is a study based on a questionnaire on technological capabilities and strategies of 41 nano-oriented competence centers from 13 countries in Asia/Pacific, Europe and Northern America (i. e. U.S.A.). Besides general aspects like type and mission of the centers the study describes a simple Boston Consulting Group-like Portfolio Matrix to specifically compare different centers from different global regions. Furthermore it analyses the relevance of 89 different micro and nanotechnologies and of different application areas and industrial sectors such as micro and nano integration centers and nano-bio centers. It identifies several differences of nano-oriented centers located in the above mentioned global regions. However, with respect to the specific thematic orientation of competence centers lists of technologies have been derived that indicate the common understanding of the most relevant micro and nano technologies in these specific areas. Finally EVA_1 lists the profiles of 42 nano-oriented centers that have participated in the study.